Jorge and Evy Portland Photographers

Jorge and Evy

We are photographers based out of Portland Oregon and we love life! We couldn’t have imaged how amazing the last 7 years have been. It’s crazy how fast time goes by. Along the way, we have met some incredible people and some of you have changed us for the better. That is why our photography is dedicated to life. Real moments that make you pinch yourself just to make sure that moment is real.

Our thing is telling stories. Our medium of choice: photography. An image is so powerful. Its more than the simple action of pressing down on a shutter button. It really freezes a moment, it captures emotions in a way that only looking at the image can do it justice. In a way, images document time. Some are beautiful, some are blurry but its content is special, some have meaning to only a handful of people and other images change the world (watch Chasing Ice documentary). Not sure what happened here, got a little carried away with the keyboard. A little more about ourselves.

We both grew up in Oregon. I (Jorge), in Central Oregon and Evy (Albany, OR). It always blows our minds that we found each other. We genuinely feel we have made each other better individuals. We also believe in keeping it simple, being content with what we have, treating others with respect and being the best possible versions of ourselves.

Things we like

Um… this is a long list: savoring good food, coffee, beer, wine, hiking, adventure, exploring, traveling, camping, camp fires, food, Netflix, Hulu and trying new things.

We would love to get to know you. Feel free to send us a message, even if it’s just to say hi! That makes our day.